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Product Name or CAS No.
Cas No.£º55566-30-8 
Molecular Formula£ºC8H24O8P2.SO4 
Molecular Weight£º406.27 
Physical properties and quality indicators: Color: appearance: bouquet: boiling point: steam pressure: proportion: volatile ratio (%By wt.) : Ph value£º Colorless or light yellow Slightly sticky liquid Anti-corrosion type 109¡æ 229¨H 1.7kPa@25¡æ 1.41@20¡æ -24(water) 3.2(1% Aqueous solution) Application: THPS is a broad spectrum, efficient, quick, environmental protection, strong compatibility killing agent, it has a good as killing agent has the all conditions, good environmental performance but also its unique advantage. Use THPS can eliminate pollution from the source, the use of resources and energy, reduce production cost, accord with the requirement of economic sustainable development, so as to achieve the comprehensive protection in our country the grand goal of the environment. The THPS as a kind of brand-new low toxicity, can rapid degradation of environmental protection to kill agent, used in all kinds of circulating cooling water system, especially used in the THPS near the ecological MinGanOu circulating cooling water system is very ideal. 
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