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Product Name or CAS No.
Product Name£ºZinc pyrithione 
Cas No.£º13463-41-7 
Molecular Formula£º2(C5H4NOS).Zn 
Molecular Weight£º317.69 
Molecular Structure£º 

Quality Standard:

Spec. Industrial Grade Cosmetic Grade
Assay%,≥ 96 97 48¡«50(suspension)
m.p. ¡æ≥ 240 240 ---
PH 6¡«8 6¡«8 6¡«9
Drying Loss %≤ 0.5 0.5 ---
Appearance Off- white powder white powder white suspension
Particle Size D50μm 2¡«5 1¡«2 0.4¡«0.5
Zinc Content (Zn)%     9.3¡«11.3

Microelement: customerized supply
Size: customerized supply
Shelf life: 2 years, avoid direct sunlight

LD 50 acute oral is over 1000mg/kg.
It has no irritation to skin.
Experiment of “3-genesis” is negative.

Antiseptic and mould proofing effects:
This product can restrain and sterilize eight moulds, five bacteria as well as two yeast fungis which are distillery yeast and bakers’ yeast. Its MIC to various micro-organisms is as follows:

Microorganisms name MIC(PPM) Microorganisms name MIC(PPM) Microorganisms name MIC(PPM)
Aspergillus niger 18 Cladosporium herbarum 4 Escherichia coli 20
Aspergillus flavus 16 Trichoderma viride 6 Pseudomonas fluorescens 6
Aspergillus versicolor 14 Chaetomium globasum 4 Staphylococcus aureus 8
Penicillium citrinim 8 Bacillus subtilis 4 Saccharomyces cereuisiae 4
Pacilomyces varioti 6 acillus megaterium 6 Klocckeria Janke 5

Application fields:
ZPT is a superordinary anti-scale agent and anti-lipid overflow agent. It can effectively eliminate eumycete which produces dandruff, and result in relieving itching, removing dandruff, diminishing phalacrosis and deferring poliosis. Therefore, it is considered as a highly effective and safe product. It will add the value of shampoo and meet the high demands from consumers. For this reason, ZPT is widely used in the production of shampoo. Moreover, as a fine, broad-spectrum, environment-friendly and low toxic antiseptics, it can be used in civil coating, adhesive and carpet. The mixture of ZPT and Cu2O also can be used as marine antifouling coating to prevent adhering of shells, seaweeds and aquatic organisms to hulls. ZPT and its relative products enjoy tremendous potential and broad space in pesticide field with properties of high-efficiency, environmental protection, hypotoxicity and broad-spectrum.

1. Though the product is of hypotoxicity and high security, it still requires avoidance of contact with mouth, eyes and skin. While using it, protective measures should be prepared.
2.Keep in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
3. The product is packed in cardboard or plastic bucket with volume of 25kg or 250kg.

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